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The following preparedness actions are recommended for rapidly enhancing capabilities to respond to active shooter incidents. Most of these steps can be implemented quickly. These capabilities can be incorporated into the development of the organization's full active shooter preparedness process.

  • Complete the FEMA IS-907 online course to assist in Active Shooter (AS) preparedness. Click HERE for the link.
  • Examine existing emergency plans for use during an AS incident.
  • Evaluate immediate notification options, establish notification groups (test, Twitter, etc.)
  • Determine who will speak for the organization and who can provide notification of an event.
  • Test notification system options; advise employees on ways they may be notified of an event.
  • Identify multiple evacuation routes and practice evacuation, post route maps in conspicuous locations.
  • Designate a point of contact to liaise with police - someone with knowledge of the facility's security procedures, floor plans and access to all areas.
  • Put a "go-kit" together for use by arriving responders.
  • Invite first responders to tour your facility if time permits.
  • Show the DHS "Options for Consideration" video to employees:
  • Discuss areas that might serve as appropriate safe shelter areas. Discuss "evacuation" options and "fight" options.
  • Examine methods of accounting for personnel and guests.
  • Advise personnel where to rally outside the facility for accountability and immediate support.
  • Share the "Pathway to Violence" steps to recognize and report concerns of "insider threats."
  • Train employees to report actions of a co-worker exhibiting indicators of the pathway to violence.
  • Confirm HR and the Employee Assistance Program can appropriately handle these reports.
  • Consider evacuation routes appropriate for those with special needs and disabilities.
  • Assign "buddies" to assist anyone needing help with evacuation.
  • Assign staff to assist customers or guests to safety.
  • Advise staff to not allow anyone to enter the structure if an incident is reported.
Additional Resources:

Click HERE for the link to the Department of Homeland Security's Active Shooter Resources

Click HERE for the Ready Houston Active Shooter Video

Click HERE for the FBI's Office of Partner Engagement Resources
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